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News Food security initiative taken by the ministry


The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture and STO PLC have begun collaborations to market the agricultural produce to ensure food security and food productivity at a good price. Additionally, Agri-Center is planned to open on the 1st of May 2020 in order to promote the agriculture sector and to support the farmers in marketing their goods.

Those who are interested in selling their agricultural produce are encouraged to register as an STO Farmer. The required forms and guidelines for the registration are available on the STO website as well as affiliated shops and pharmacies in the atolls. Registered farmers will receive an ID card within 3 days of registration.

The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture have also initiated discussion with the Ministry of Economic Development to provide further assistance to the farmers. Furthermore, the Ministry has begun work to increase the productivity and marketable agricultural produce of the islands that are leased for agricultural purpose. The Ministry will be taking steps to encourage the production of the agricultural goods that are classified under the Import Substitution Program.

The Ministry would like to ensure that the technical expertise will continue being provided upon request. The technical staff are currently providing the expertise and advice to farmers of Addu City, as requested by the Addu City Council. We would like to encourage all atoll councils to work together with individuals who are well-versed in farming methods. Additionally, the Ministry will conduct programs to encourage increasing the production of tuber crops and other long lasting crops, such as Maize. These steps are taken towards guaranteeing food security in the islands. Home gardening is another important step in ensuring food security. The Ministry will provide the necessary technical farming expertise for the success of these initiatives.