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News Ministry signs agreement with Maldives Customs Service to prevent Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing


The Maldives Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture has signed on an agreement with Maldives Customs Service to implement the law against illegal fishing.

The law set out against illegal fishing will be enforceable on fisheries related activity violating the local regulations, unregistered fishing activities among other offenses.

According to statements from the institutions, the law will ensure quays and harbors ensconce tighter security protocols and monitoring against individuals or groups violating the fishing regulations.

Under the new rules, reefer and vessels originating from foreign destinations will be inspected and provided clearance based on set prerequisites formulated by the relevant authorities. Moreover, these monitoring protocols will match international regulatory standards.

The institutions affiliated with the implementation of the new law will be attempting to ensure the illegal fishing activities, especially breach of foreign vessels into Maldivian borders for fisheries activities are stopped and tried for violations.