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General Information Changes to the services during Lockdown in Male' City

General information regarding accessing essential items whilst Male’ City is under lockdown

Pursuant to the public health emergency declared by the Minister of Health, in accordance with section 34 (d) and (e) of Act No. 7/2012 (Public Health Protection Act), a complete restriction of movement and vehicular transport in public spaces has remained in effect for the Greater Male’ Region (Male’, Hulhumale’ and Villimale’) since the 17 April 2020. A two week lockdown effective from 14 April 2020 was enacted for the Greater Male’ Region by the Minister of Health. During this time, changes have been made regarding the provision of some services. These changes include:

  1. Shops, cafes and restaurants making deliveries.
  • Shops, cafes and restaurants must be registered in order to receive permission to make deliveries.
  • To register for a delivery permit, please e-mail:
  • Those who applied for a delivery pass after 15th April 2020 onwards, to provide delivery services between 9:00 and 23:00, may collect their permit from the following places:
    • Male’ Police Tow-yard:[+9609790121] (tel:+9609790121)
    • Hulhumale’ Police Station: [+9609790121] (tel:+9609790121)
    • Villimale’ Police Station: +9609790121 It is important that representatives sent to collect these permits bring the cafe’ or restaurant registration with them.
  • Those who wish to exit their residences to access basic necessities should visit the police website for a special permit.
  • Shops that sell wholesale are now permitted to deliver to retail stores.
  • Information regarding those who have been given permission to make deliveries:
    • Permits can be dispensed to shops that wish to make deliveries.
    • The full list of shops allowed to make deliveries by the Maldives’
    • Police Service can be accessed from the Male’ City Council Website Delivery timings:
    • Wholesale and retail shops have 24-hr permission to make deliveries.
    • Gas and water may also be delivered throughout 24 hrs.
    • Cafes and restaurants may deliver between 8:00 hrs and 23:00 hrs. Other services:
  • Staff that need to report to duty may apply for a permit from the Maldives Police Service by emailing the following address: <> Those with this permit can assist in providing assistance to the general public..
  1. Transportation
  • The Maldives Police Service has provided six permits each to the taxi centers operating in Male’, Hulhumale’, and Villimale’.
  • Those who need to report to duty in Villimale’ and Hulhumale’ may use MTCC bus and ferry transportation. Some changes have been made to the schedules for public transport, which have now been publicized. Please refer below for the current schedule: Villimale’ to Male’ Ferry Timings
    • Villimale’ 07:00 Male’: 08:30
    • Villimale’ 09:00 Male’: -
    • Villimale’: 15:00 Male’: 16:30
    • Villimale – Male’: 22:00
    • Villimale: 23:00 – Male’: 00:30

Hulhumale’ to Male Bus Service Timings

  • Hulhumale’ 06:45 Male’ 08:30
  • Hulhumale’: 09:00 Male’: -
  • Hulhumale’: 14:30 Male’ 16:30
  • Hulhumale’ – Male’ 22:00
  • Hulhumale’ 22:30 Male’: 00:30

Individuals in need of emergency medical care may be transported by an NEOC approved vehicle.

  1. Leaving the house to access basic necessities
  • Individuals who need specialized medical care such as thalassemic individuals and those in need of kidney dialysis may receive permission from the hospitals that provide them with treatment, to visit those hospitals.
  • It is important that individuals who are being transported to these hospitals use vehicles that have been given special permits by the Maldives Police Service, taxis or ambulances.
  • Individuals caring for hospitalized patients may visit the respective hospital with a permit provided by that hospital.
  1. Caretakers at hospital
  • Hospitals may dispense special permits to individual caretakers to stay near the bedside of hospitalized patients. For record keeping purposes by the Maldives Police Service, each card will have a special registration number.