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General Information Reach our COVID-19 Response efforts

Imoprtant contacts during COVID-19 response

  1. If you have any of the following symptoms:

Flu clinics in Greater Malé Region

Clinic Details Time
Senahiya Flu Clinic 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Flu Clinic – Behind Male’ Hiya 2 Everyday Opening hours 9AM – 4PM
Hulhumale’ Flu Clinic – Hulhumale’ Preschool Saturday – Thursday 8AM – 11PM Friday – 3:30PM – 11PM
Villimale’ Flu Clinic Everyday Opening hours 10AM – 4PM
ADK Hospital Online Flu Clinic For appointments call 1440 8AM – 8PM
  1. You should NOT be going out except for essentials, and you should do this as infrequently as possible.
  1. If you have ordered for a delivery service and if it’s getting delayed call Police help line 3322111.
  2. Follow the guidelines and submit your prescriptions online for medicine delivery within Greater Male’ region.
  1. There’s 3 types of permits for businesses now:
  1. Has your employment status been affected due to the pandemic? To report Call 1475 or visit
  2. If you have trouble reaching your loved ones in quarantine facilities.
  1. Blood stocks are low. Eligible donors can schedule an appointment to donate.
  1. It's OK to feel anxious, stressed or frustrated at this time, we are here to listen.
  1. If you are unable to pay rent or is evacuated due to this pandemic, Call Hotline of Gender Ministry 3328393.
  2. You should not tolerate abuse even amidst a pandemic. Call 1412 to report such cases!
  3. If you are stuck in Greater Male’ Region during this lockdown and need assistance going back to your home island call the Hotline of Gender Ministry 1421 or email

13.You can contact the following facilities for online medical consultations apart from COVID-1

Name Island Contact Number
ADK Hospital K. Male 3313553 / 1440
Senahiya Hospital K. Male 7969897
Medica Hospital K. Male' 9748013
Tree Top Hospital K.Hulhumale' 3351610
IMDC Multi Speciality Hospital S. Hithadhoo 7998802
Eye Care Hospital K. Male' 7201026
Primax Medi-Care K. Male' 3330511
Eye Care Clinic K. Male' 7201026
Family Care Clinic and Scan Center K. Male' 7468046
Uro Medical Care K. Male' 7776689
Central Clinic K. Male' 7893464
Advance Medical Clinic K. Male' 7947778
Central Medical Center K. Male' 7987781
Mednova Medical Center K. Male' 7999736
Kulunu Medical Center K. Male' 9939797
Eve Clinic K. Male' 3300788 / 7900788
First Care Medical Center K. Male' 3329449 / 7969449
Institute of Mental Well-Being K. Male' 7897892 / 7226667
Image Center K. Male' 9477294 / 9477311 / 9477293
Mahaldheeb Fuvahmulak Medical Gn. Fuvahmulah 6860656 / 7962977
Eye Care Clinic Huhumale' Branch K.Hulhumale' 7201026
Unique Dental K.Hulhumale' 7909017
Care Trust Multi speciality Clinic K.Hulhumale' 7969001
Aims Diagnostic Care S. Feydhoo 7968091
Addu Medicity S. Feydhoo 7702001 / 7994880
Pro Care Clinic and Dental Center ADH. Mahibadhoo 9977758 / 9969920 / 9504051
F&C Medicare S. Feydhoo Maradhoo 7991567
F&C Medicare and Scan Center S. Hithadhoo 7991567
Dhilshaad Clinic S. Hithadhoo 7990057
Dr Jihad’s Dental and Medical Center K. Male' 7779794
Healing Care Medical Center Hdh. Kulhudhufushi 7577818 / 9693535
Imperial Medical Center K. Male' 9471414
Maldicare K. Male' 7705353 / 3331590
Faruvaa Clinic K. Male' 7950535
Master Dental Care Center K. Male' 9410090 / 9410096
Master Dental Care Centro K.Hulhumale' 9410090 / 9410096
  1. Contact the following pharmacies for medicine delivery services in Greater Malé Region
Name Contact Number
ADK Pharmacy 2 Online token issuing
Care Plus (Hulhumalé) 7255858
Central Medical Center Pharmacy 7987781
City Pharmacy (Hulhumalé) 7796595 / 9789781
First Care Pharmacy 7969449
Green Pharmacy (Hulhumalé) 7886155
Green Pharmacy 7644338
Maafannu Green Pharmacy 9800018
Health & Glow Pharmacy 7339997
Life Support Pharmacy 7799001 / 3334545
Medi Pharmacy 7342567
Pharmacon Chemist (Hulhumalé) 9947799
Pharmacy Plus 7238686
Qmed Pharmacy 9939797
U.M.C Pharmacy 7776689
I.M.C Chemist 7720904
V Care Pharmacy 7244435
The Clinic Pharmacy 9477311 / 9477294 / 9477293
Medicine World 7778455