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General Information Electricity Billing

Due to the ongoing lockdown status of Greater Malé Region, STELCO staff will not be attending any premises to take meter readings.

During this time period STELCO will be sending an “average bill” and requests all the customers to send a photo of the meter through STELCO web portal for an accurate reading so that the bill can be amended accordingly.

The government has decided to give a subsidy of 40% to all the domestic consumers.

What is an average bill?

Before the lockdown STELCO staff were able to take 80% of the meter readings from households in Greater Male’ Region. So for the rest of the 20% of the households, STELCO has decided to send an average bill. An average bill is prepared by adding the total amount of the past three months’ electricity bill and dividing it by three.

How to pay your bills online?

For online payment by using an internet web browser:

If you wanted to use the STELCO mobile application:


  • STELCO does not retain / capture any credit or debit card details as part of this transaction.
  • Payments will be accepted for the exact bill amount.
  • If the meter is disconnected electricity will be reconnected once ALL the outstanding bills have been cleared, however if payment is made after 11:00 pm, the electricity will be reconnected on the next working day.
  • If you have any inquiry regarding the e-pay service, please call 9603314949+ or 9607788438+ or email to