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General Information Household Registration

The Household Registration Portal gathers information to enhance the effectiveness of the measures in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 and protect communities. This information includes contact details of a focal point from each household, number of persons residing in the house and information of persons needing special care, if any.

In the event where a household is placed under monitoring, the information on the portal will be beneficial to inform the residents of new measures and developments, and provide necessary support for persons needing special care. Which information needs to be registered? All entries must be registered under the current address and must include residents living in the household including details of people who may need special care. National ID Card details and other such personal information are only asked of people needing special care. This portal safeguards privacy and ensures the security of personal information disclosed. The purpose of the portal is to facilitate ease of accessibility and proper support for persons residing in quarantined households. The following groups are categorized as people with special needs

  • Bedridden people due to old age or a disease
  • People over 65 years
  • People with disabilities
  • Children with disabilities (Under 12 years)
  • People taking treatment for chronic disease

The Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services may be in contact to verify the personal details of people with special needs entered on to the portal.