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General Information Incident Command Posts (ICPs)

General information on Incident Command Posts (ICPs)

Incident Command Posts (ICPs) refers to several command posts under the overall supervision of Male’ City Council tasked with directing efforts to provide crucial services. The lead agency responsible for operating the Hulhumale’ Branch is the Housing Development Corporation while the Male’ Industrial Zone will support the management of the Thilafushi ICP. These posts will be operated through complementary multi-stakeholder support and assistance.

  1. The main services provided by ICP to quarantined homes include:
  • Assistance in purchasing food and delivery under special circumstances: All households that are not placed under quarantine are advised to seek support from registered delivery services. Once the households under quarantine purchase necessary food items from registered stores, the ICPs will then proceed with delivery support. If delivery services are not on offer by any store, the store may drop the purchased items at the designated ICP for that particular area, whereby the ICP will then deliver them to the household.
  • Payment: Payments must be settled online or by other means as agreed between the households and stores.
  1. Psycho-social support
  • Psycho-social support shall be provided through Maldivian Red Crescent on demand for persons residing in quarantined homes. The hotline for this service is 1425.
  1. Medical support
  • A medical team has been mobilized to assist persons in need of medical attention. If the situation requires them to, the medical teams may seek assistance from ICPs to cater for patient needs. The medical team is tasked with facilitating delivery of prescription medicine from pharmacies via Aasandha. Certain essential medicines may be delivered through ICPs if needed.
  • Services offered by ICPs The ICPs further ensure that companies/institutions responsible for offering all other basic services (waste disposal, water, electricity, cooking gas and communication services) to households under quarantine due to COVID-19, do so to a satisfactory level. Waste collection from quarantined households is scheduled from 9:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs. Waste bags must be securely fastened to prevent leakage and must be left for collection outside each apartment. Waste collection from all other households is scheduled from 12:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs. These households must also ensure that the waste bags are properly fastened and leave the bags for collection at the front door on the street.