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General Information Measures to take while praying during covid-19 pandemic

As part of the Government’s easing of the temporary restrictive measures currently in place to protect against the spread of COVID-19, the authorities will allow congregational prayers in mosques to commence in select islands after the Friday prayers on May 22nd 2020. This applies only to islands that are not under lockdown, are not under monitoring, and do not have people in quarantine. However, the following precautions must be observed:

When opening mosques, it is the responsibility of island councils to ensure that:

  • Mosques are not carpeted.
  • Mosques are cleaned and mopped prior to each prayer.
  • Mosques have hand washing facilities with soap.
  • Air conditioning is not used unless necessary. Even if air conditioning is used, open the doors and windows every now and then to allow air circulation.

Individuals wishing to pray in mosques must observe the following precautions:

  • Performing ablution at home prior to coming to mosque.
  • Bringing a small prayer mat.
  • Wearing a mask.
  • Refrain from going to the mosque if you have a cold, fever or cough.
  • Leaving the mosque promptly after finishing the prayers.
  • Do not go to the mosque if you suffer from respiratory or lung illnesses or if you are an elderly person.
  • Avoid hand shakes.
  • Social distancing within rows is not required. Note: Whilst islands which are not under lockdown, or monitoring, or have people under quarantine, will be allowed to commence congregation prayers inside mosques, this can be revoked if any of the aforementioned conditions become applicable to that respective island. Further, as the country’s situation with respect to COVID-19 continues to improve, the safety guidelines that mosques must observe will be revised accordingly.