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News Disaster risk mitigation, adaptation and resilience are directly linked to the Government’s overall vision for the defence of Maldives – Minister Mariya

The Minister was addressing the opening of the US-funded 3-day workshop on multi-agency HADR coordination

From Ministry of Defence

Minister of Defence Uza. Mariya Didi has said that disaster risk mitigation, adaptation and resilience are directly linked to the Government’s overall vision for the defence of Maldives, and that the Maldives needs the support of its international partners to realize this vision.

The Minister made the remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief workshop organized by the National Disaster Management Authority of the Maldives and Hawaii’s Centre for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CFE-DM). The 3-day workshop will focus on multi-agency coordination in Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance.

In her remarks, Minister Mariya noted that global warming with its related impacts is an existential threat for the Maldives, with an increase in reported incidences of damage due to floods, strong winds, swells, storm surges and other extreme weather events. The Minister also noted that incidents of chemical fires and ships running aground can have a significant impact on the country’s urban and natural environments. The Minister noted the importance of multi-agency coordination in responding to such emergencies.

The Minister thanked President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for instituting the National Disaster Management Authority as stipulated in the Statute and empowering NDMA to work independently with their own budget and planning priorities.

The Minister also thanked the US Government, the US Indo-Pacific Command and the CFE-DM for the prompt response in prioritizing the Maldives’ request and making this programme a reality within 6 months.

“Maldivians are a resilient people. We accept our geographic uniqueness. Our struggle is to protect our islands for future generations through effective adaptation and mitigation measures. I am mindful that those present here are disaster managers and responders; and our focus is on swift, efficient and coordinated response when disasters strike,” concluded Minister Mariya.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was attended by Chargé d'Affaires of the U.S. Mission to Maldives Ms. Andrea Appell, Indian High Commissioner to Maldives H.E. Munu Mahawar, CFE-DM’s Regional Humanitarian Civil-Military Advisor Mr Josh Szimonisz, MNDF Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdulla Shamaal and NDMA’s Chief Executive Mr Hisan Hassan.