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News Important Documents, Lists and Circulars issued by the Directorate of Aviation Security Administration (DASA)

Please find here important documents, lists and circulars issued by DASA - correct as of 27 June 2022

From Ministry of Defence

The documents and circulars issued below are correct as of 27 June 2022. Please kindly note that the document(s) may be updated in the future - in which case, the updated version(s) will be uploaded along with a notification.

Please check DASA's official Twitter handle - @dasamaldives - for the most recent updates.

Thank you.


Functional Statement - DASA

Format : PDF
Size: 141.74 KB


Format : PDF
Size: 305.05 KB

28-DASA-CIR-2023-2 Dhivehi

Format : PDF
Size: 289.33 KB

28-DASA-CIR-2023-2 English

Format : PDF
Size: 110.03 KB

28-DASA-CIR-2023-6 English

Format : PDF
Size: 93.59 KB


Format : PDF
Size: 238.89 KB

28-DASA-CIR-2023-7 English

Format : PDF
Size: 99.30 KB


Format : PDF
Size: 279.25 KB

Signage Master V2 - Potrait version

Format : PDF
Size: 3.21 MB