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News National Anti-Human Trafficking Steering Committee holds 1st plenary meeting

Newly-constituted NAHTSC is chaired by Ministry of Defence

From Ministry of Defence

The newly-constituted 10-member National Anti-Human Trafficking Steering Committee held its 1st plenary meeting on 16 July 2020. The keynote address was delivered by Minister of Defence Uza. Mariya Didi. In her address, Minister Mariya urged the new Chairman and all members of the committee to push stronger on the implementation of the anti-human trafficking agenda, as outlined in the National Action Plan (2020-2022) passed by the Cabinet in February. The Steering Committee, previously comprised of 14 members, was downsized to 10 by the Parliament, following which President Solih reconstituted the Committee, with Ministry of Defence as the Line Ministry for the second time.