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27 June 2022 - News Important Documents, Lists and Circulars issued by the Directorate of Aviation Security Administration (DASA)
Please find here important documents, lists and circulars issued by DASA - correct as of 27 June 2022
11 June 2022 - News Climate security is an area where the stakes are high for small, low-lying island states like Maldives" - Minister Mariya
The Minister made the remarks whilst addressing the Special Session on Climate Security and Green Defence at the 19th Asia Security Summit
30 May 2022 - News “Resilience is the magic ingredient of lasting change” – Minister Mariya
Minister Mariya was Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of ICAN’s 9th Women, Peace and Security Forum
19 April 2022 - News Minister of Defence Uza. Mariya Didi meets with Chief of Naval Staff of India Admiral R Hari Kumar
Discussions focused on ways to further boost cooperation between MNDF and Indian Navy including maritime information sharing
04 April 2022 - News "The State Partnership Program will go a long way in building the capacity and readiness of our Defence Sector to meet today’s challenges" - Minister of Defence Uza. Mariya Didi
Minister Mariya was addressing the signing ceremony of the Montana National Guard State Partnership Program

Latest from Ministry of Defence

l. kadhdhoo auxiliary-fireman-iulaan-2022186 07 August 2022         Job   
dh. kudahuvadhoo auxiliary-fireman-iulaan-2022187 07 August 2022         Job   
giriffushi - massakath 2022188 07 August 2022         Job   
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Service forms

Job Application for MNDF 15 December 2020         Service   
Work carry out permit in security zone 28 June 2020         Service   
Application for permit to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) 28 June 2020         Service   
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Guidance and regulations

Security zone that are maintained by MNDF 05 March 2020         Regulations    
First amendment of Hazardous Chemical Regulation 2019/R-1057 20 February 2020         Regulations    
Hazardous Chemical Regulation 2019/R-1057 19 February 2020         Regulations    
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SOP for handling documents 23 May 2022         Open Correspondence    
Vaalaai Kaalhu Madhukurun 08 March 2022         Open Correspondence    
Service Charter of Ministry of Defence 12 December 2021         Policy    
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Jobs and Procurements

l. kadhdhoo auxiliary-fireman-iulaan-2022186 07 August 2022         Job    
dh. kudahuvadhoo auxiliary-fireman-iulaan-2022187 07 August 2022         Job    
giriffushi - massakath 2022188 07 August 2022         Job    
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Uza. Mariya Didi

Minister of Defence

Political Appointees

Hassan Zameel

Deputy Minister of Defence

Hussain Nazeef

Director General

Ali Asgar


Senior Management

Ahmed Shaan Mansoor

Permanent Secretary

What the Ministry of Defence does

We are working to build a stronger and more resilient nation for you, together with the 8 institutions and agencies below.

  • Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF):
  • National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC):
  • Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM):
  • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA):
  • Maldives Immigration:
  • Maldives Customs Service:
  • Anti-Trafficking in Persons (Anti-TIP) Office
  • Maldives Hydrographic Service

In addition to the institutions and agencies above, the Minister of Defence oversees the Directorate of Aviation Security Administration (DASA) - the designated appropriate authority for civil aviation security in the Republic of Maldives by the Presidential Decree (116) on 7 February 2016 to perform regulatory and oversight functions in addition to implementing preventative aviation security measures. See below [Mandate] for more information on DASA's roles and responsibilities. For the latest updates on DASA's activities, see @dasamaldives on Twitter.

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Right to Information

Information Officer
Ibrahim Faiz
Assistant Director

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Office Address

Ministry of Defence
Ameer Ahmed Magu
Republic of Maldives
+960 3322601

Messaging Number
+960 7522601

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Office Hours
Sun - Thu 08:00 - 14:00 (Working hours)


Ibrahim Faiz (Information Officer)
+960 9977885

Mohamed Shaan (Communications)