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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

About Us

Foreign Policy Principles

  1. Sovereign equality of States in accordance with international law.
  2. A rule-based and inclusive international system.
  3. Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.
  4. The supremacy of diplomacy in managing and resolving global problems.
  5. Friendship with all countries based on mutual respect.

Foreign Policy Goals

Goal 1 - Enhance the security and national sovereignty of the Maldives through increased bilateral and multilateral engagement

Goal 2 - Protect the Islamic identity of the Maldives and help to promote the values of Islam internationally

Goal 3 - Increase the economic resilience of the Maldives

Goal 4 - Promote greater regional cooperation in South Asia

Goal 5 - Provide quality consular services for Maldivians

Goal 6 - Promote efficiency and professionalism in the service

Foreign Policy Strategies

The most viable long-term security guarantee for the Maldives is maintaining sound bilateral relationships with major regional and global powers. The Maldives believes that its security and the respect for its national sovereignty would be enhanced by working towards strengthening and promoting international law; regional and international stability, peace, and security; and the multilateral system.

Strategy 1 - Consolidate the Maldives’ bilateral relationships with key regional and global powers.

Strategy 2 - Strengthen the Maldives’ engagement with South Asian and Indian Ocean rim countries to combat terrorism, piracy, and other non-traditional security threats.

Strategy 3 - Strengthen the active participation of the Maldives at UN General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council, and other UN bodies, and actively contribute to collective problem solving.

Strategy 4 - Strengthen the active participation of the Maldives at key international organisations that enhances the country’s diplomatic outreach and promote greater global recognition for the Maldives.

Strategy 5 - Increase the Maldives participation in international efforts at promoting and maintaining stability, peace, and security.

Strategy 6 - Deepen the bonds of friendship and cooperation with key international civil society organisations and international foreign policy think-tanks.

Strategy 7 - Strengthen regional cooperation in South Asia.

Strategy 8 - Strengthen Maldives capacity and reporting to the international conventions it has ratified.


To strive to make Maldivians proud by making the country a resilient nation


To increase opportunities for the economic advancement of Maldivians and to promote the national interests of the Maldives through innovative approaches