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Permanent Secretary Aminath Shafia (PhD)


Dr Shafia was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry in January 2019. Her professional career started as an ‘Agriculturist’ after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from the University of South Pacific followed by a Master’s Degree in Plant Pathology, from University of Sydney, Australia. She continued her academic career and graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Biology from University of Guelph, Canada and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Science from the University of Reading, UK in 2009.

Dr Shafia first joined the Ministry of Agriculture and continued working in the Ministry which led her into strategic engagement in emerging issues of climate change and food systems management. With 25 years of experience, she has extensive knowledge in agriculture policy, planning and management. Her exposure into development and management comes from her experience in coordinating for International Development Agencies such as IFAD and FAO as well as her 25+ years of experience in the Government. In the latter half of her career, she was engaged in policy and planning of food systems.

As the Head of the Civil Service for the Ministry she is responsible for the management of the human and financial resources to deliver the Government’s policies to improve the life and wellbeing of fisheries, marine resources and agriculture communities and businesses outline in the Strategic Action Plan. She is committed to implement the programs efficiently and effectively. Her work is undertaken according to Maldivian Civil Service Code of Conduct upholding honesty, impartiality, honesty and integrity.

Before her appointment as the Permanent Secretary, she served as the Director General of Agriculture and in several senior management roles of the Ministry.
Throughout her career she has been people oriented and worked closely with the team focusing on empowering staff to make the best use of their talent and qualification.


Permanent Secretary