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Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture Hassan Rasheed


Mr. Hassan Rasheed was appointed as the Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture in November 29, 2018.

In 2012, Mr. Hassan Rasheed was privileged to become the Managing Director at Felivaru Fisheries Maldives Ltd and served the fish processing company for about 3 years, and then he became the Chairman of the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO). This was a great opportunity in his career to gain industrial experience in tuna canning factory and gain excellent knowledge of supporting the company’s strategic alliances. During this time, he had numerous opportunities to participate in marketing fairs held abroad to promote fisheries and fisheries products.

Mr. Hassan Rasheed graduated from University of Manchester, UK, with Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science in 1997. Prior to his MSc he has achieved a Diploma in Applied Computing (statistics) in Feb 1992 at University of South Pacific, Fiji. In addition, he acquired a Statistical Diploma in Indian Statistical Institute, India in 1988.

Mr. Hassan Rasheed started his government service in 1982 at Ministry of Fisheries as a Statistical Officer Trainee, where by his initial work was with regard to data collection and compilation of fisheries statistics. Over the years he gained immense knowledge and skills and broadened his experience in the fisheries sector with the participation in both local and international workshops and studies. Mr. Hassan Rasheed was successful in his career and was promoted from a statistical officer to many other recognized positions at the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. With his successful career he finally reached to the Director General at the Fisheries Ministry in 2008. Hassan Rasheed is a proud loyal civil servant who has served the nation for more than 25 years.

Mr. Hassan Rasheed is an experienced data management and statistical expert. Action-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and data management. Resourceful and responsible in career and has extensive knowledge in both agriculture and fisheries economic data processing, compiling and presentation.


Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture

1. Primary responsibilities included overseeing and monitoring the development of the Maldives' fisheries sector.

2. Furthermore, to address the complaints and concerns of fishermen in the fishing industry.