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Director General Ibrahim Shabau


Ibrahim Shabau was appointed to the post of Director General Agriculture of the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture in 2019. He first joined the Ministry in 1996 and started his career towards becoming an agriculturist in 1997, when he started his undergraduate studies from the University of the South Pacific, Samoa. After graduating with a Bachelor of Agriculture, he served in the Ministry for 4 years before he began Postgraduate studies in 2004. Mr. Ibrahim Shabau thus holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture Science, and a Master’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Ever since joining the Ministry as an Agriculture Officer Trainee, Mr. Ibrahim Shabau continued to build his career as an agriculturist, assuming higher roles as he gained knowledge and experience via his graduate and postgraduate studies, various international workshops and seminars – all the while keenly working in the Ministry and assuming managerial responsibilities along the way. His exposure into agriculture development was fortified by working with various international development partners like FAO, IFAD, WB, ADB, OIE, ICRAF and UNDP. He had also worked as member in SAARC Governing Boards – SAARC Agriculture Center and SAARC Forestry Center, and was actively engaged in SAARC Technical Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. He was also the former National Delegate of World Animal Health Organization OIE. Henceforth, he has established himself as a sustainable agriculture specialist, and as a key person of relevance, on Maldivian and regional agriculture. Currently, he harbors more than 20+ years of experience in the field of agriculture and in the Government.

Being instrumental in developing government policies and strategies for local agricultural development in Maldives, Mr. Ibrahim Shabau has further worked with various government administrations to develop their strategic and development plans. His ability to implement the policy interventions has brought many projects to success – contributing to improvement of local livelihoods in island communities to excel their living standards. A key project, in which Mr. Shabau worked as the Project Manager, is the Special Program of Food Security assisted by FAO that enhanced local farmers by introducing new varieties, technology and support to develop agriculture as a business. This project is the first of its’ kind to introduce agribusiness tools for local farming communities in the atolls.

Prior to being appointed as the Director General Agriculture of the Ministry, Mr. Ibrahim Shabau took a break from his agriculture career to work as the Secretary General of Male’ City Council. This role had reinvigorated his engagement in community development and local governance, which he believes is an advantage in strengthening connection between local councils and the Ministry in his current position as Director General Agriculture.

As the Head of the Agriculture Department of the Ministry, Mr. Ibrahim Shabau has a vision to carry forth local agriculture to the next level. He intends to utilize futuristic development tools and methods to develop Maldivian agriculture. He is committed to engage in dialogue with key agricultural stakeholders to enable them to work towards a common goal towards agriculture development in Maldives. With the qualified and talented team he heads, Mr. Shabau feels there is a lot we could achieve in putting Maldivian agriculture on map for future generations.


Director General