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Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture Mohamed Ahmed


Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, was appointed as the Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, on 6th December 2018. Prior to this post, Mr. Mohamed has served in many governmental and non-governmental agencies as a key person. Notably, he has coordinated and managed the National Disaster Management, Center as the Chief Coordinator from 2011 to 2013. In the previous administration, Mr. Mohamed has served in the position of Minister of State for Defense and National Security at the Ministry of Defense.

Mr. Mohamed has been active in the political arena in many previous administrations. In this respect, he has worked as the Chief of Staff for the Maldives United Opposition, based in London. Also, he worked as the registrar for Adhaalath Party and currently serves in the council of Jumhooree Party. In addition, Mr. Mohamed has extensive experience in various national affairs relating to the politics and tourism sector and has represented the Maldives in many international forums and events.

Mr. Mohamed has a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration and has obtained undergraduate education from renowned international universities. At MoFMRA, Mr Mohamed works diligently in overseeing the overall operation and services of the Agriculture Department.


Minister of State for Fisheries, Marine Resources

1. Primary responsibilities included overseeing and monitoring the development of the Maldives. Agriculture sector.

2. Furthermore, to address the complaints and concerns of farmers in the Agricultural Industry.