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Communication Strategist Safaath Ahmed Zahir


Safaath Ahmed Zahir was appointed as the Communication Strategist at the Deputy Minister's level to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maldives by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the 22nd of August of 2019. Safaath is primary in charge to provide expertise and practical daily support to the development and implementation of the Communication Strategy and yearly Communication Action Plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives. Safaath Ahmed Zahir completed her master’s in Finance and Investment at the University of Nottingham and her higher education in Banking and Finance at Monash University. Zahir is keen and passionate about the study of foreign policy in international relations, contemporary international systems, and the role of the global economy. Safaath Ahmed Zahir is also known for her pioneering efforts to promote women’s empowerment in the Maldives. She helped create Women on Boards, a nonprofit that promotes gender diversity in the workplace and in 2016 she co-founded Women and Democracy, a 100-percent youth-led NGO working toward women’s economic and political participation and good democratic governance. In recognition of her humanitarian work, Zahir received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace in 2016, and in 2017 was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Asia.