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General Information FOSIM

The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives

From Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM) was established on 16 January 2014, by the President of the Maldives, His Excellency Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom under the administrative structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and formally registered at the Department of Higher Education, as a diplomatic training institute with the central aim of promoting efficiency and professionalism in the Maldives foreign service sector. The Institute conducts training on: enhancing knowledge and skills on foreign affairs, professional skill development and undertakes policy research; thus helps in the creation of a vibrant foreign service cadre in the country.


To become a centre of excellence for diplomatic training and skill development.


To be a reputed national Institute for nurturing a professional foreign service corps and undertake research on pertinent foreign policy issues.


The functions of the Institute are:

  1. to provide specialized skill development training of foreign service officers and in-service career development training of mid-career diplomats and executives, as required by the changing needs of the foreign service;

  2. to organize and conduct the foreign service exam and foreign service promotion exam;

  3. to promote learning and acquisition of languages essential for a more effective and efficient diplomacy with bilateral and international partners;

  4. to stimulate awareness and debate amongst government institutions on foreign policy issues facing the Maldives;

  5. to undertake research and analysis on priority issues in the Maldives foreign policy; and

  6. to provide policy alternatives for the foreign policy process including goal setting, policy formulation, decision making, policy enactment, policy management, policy assessment and evaluation.

Programmes and Activities

The need for an established foreign service cadre has culminated even before the Maldives has gained its Independence from Britain in July 1965,which has in time, evolved and materialized in the creation of the Foreign Service Bill, aimed at creating a specialized diplomatic cadre in the Maldives. FOSIM's role in delivering the provisions of the Bill which when enacted, would be significant. In addition to being the training arm of the Ministry, FOSIM aspires to create awareness and stimulate debate amongst government institutions about the foreign affairs of the country, which would in turn help shape its engagement with the international community.

Given the context, with Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Dr. Asim's profound commitment and forward looking vision on developing and professionalization of the Maldives foreign service, this booklet gives an overview of its programmes and activities planned for the years 2017-2020.


The Institute publishes books, informational supplements, newsletters, reports, and journals to disseminate information on the Maldives foreign affairs. In particular, FOSIM places a high priority on its publications to commemorate Maldives relations with its international partners.

The 'FOSIM Quarterly' journal, captures the Maldives Foreign Affairs through an insider's perspective and is aimed at creating awareness on the significant foreign policy initiatives and activities of the Ministry and its Missions. Through its intriguing and thought-provoking articles, diplomats; foreign affairs professionals; and policy makers gain a more expansive understanding on the Maldives engagements with the rest of the world.


FOSIM - Programmes and Activities

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